Stage Automation & Rigging & Truss



Scissor Lift

Pump Lift

Layher Lift

Turntable Platform , Revolving stage

High speech winch system

Ceiling hoist rail system

Motorised trolley


Kinesys is a technology company specialising in the design , build and sale of motion control systems for the entertainment industry.


Movecat ECOlite BGV D8 , Lifting capacity : 1000kg

Movecat ECOlite BGV D8, Lifting capacity : 250kg

Prolyft Aetos 2000 , Lifting capacity : 2000kg

Chain Master BGV D8 , Lifting capacity : 1000kg


Showtec Group is an industry leader providing modular aluminium truss along with specialised stage sets and stage automation for both permanent installations and touring shows. We offer a wide range of industry standard products but are in our element providing innovative, one-off structural and scenic solutions for that extra special effect.



Prolyte H30V square truss

Prolyte H30D triangular truss

Prolyte H40v square truss

Prolyte B100RV rectangular truss

Aluminium truss products are the building blocks of our industry. Prolyte has developed a broad range of aluminium truss types and a unique system to connect them: the conical coupling system, CCS. Prolyte trusses are designed to make them suitable for a broad variety of applications, from a simple flown grid or exhibition booth to stage-and-lighting truss to elaborate mother grids or support structures prepared for high loading.

ProlyteStructures encompasses truss series in different sizes and strengths, including straight lengths, corners and curves; all designed and manufactured according to a strict philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, standardization, ease-of-use, configuration flexibility and optimum safety. Prolyte provides comprehensive data and offers expert training to promote the correct use and safe application of its truss systems.


Movecat’s kinetic equipment, such as chain hoists, winches, drives, controllers, cable systems and custom solutions, is synonymous with maximum safety and functionality “Made in Germany”.These innovative products from Germany are in each case developed and manufactured in strict compliance with such safety principles, standards and guidelines as BGV D8, D8 Plus, igvw SQ P2, BGV C1 and DIN EN 61508 – SIL 1 to SIL 3.They are capable of moving loads from 125 to 5,000 kilograms at speeds from 0 to 180 metres per minute.


TFL Serious TRuss Extra Heavy Duty ( EHD ) 675mm by 675mm square truss

TFL Serious Truss Serious Heavy Duty ( SHD ) 520mm by 711mm rectangular truss


Compound Roof Systems are an evolution of using two sets of truss elements to create the capacity of one much larger unit. By using a flat grid truss, structurally tied to an arched truss, then much longer spans are achievable whilst maintaining large loading capacities. Each compound arch is joined to the next via a series of tubular purlins. With most of the components being standard trusses along with any of the special components being relatively small sections, this provides for an extremely tight truck pack. 520mm by 520mm square truss

diagram-roof-41 diagram-roof-21 diagram-roof-51 roof-photo


520mm by 520mm square truss

450mm by 450mm square truss

400mm by 400mm square truss

600 by 700 rectangular truss

450mm by 450mm by 11350mm outer diameter circular truss

520mm by 520mm by 15.5m outer diameter circular  truss


1.8m ledger

2m ledger

2.4m ledger

0.5m standard

1m standard

2m standard

Showtec keep huge inventory stock for rental , truss inventory consists of Prolyte, Total Fabrication, James Thomas , MoveCat electric Chain Hoist ,  Chain master electric Chain Hoist , CM Lodestar electric chain hoist. Layer Scaffold System