Laser Effect


  1. Laser Animation Blitz Tipo 10w green
  2. Laser Animation Compact Mk2
  3. Laser world PL-10.9 RGB (2w red, 4.5w green, 2w blue )
  4. DTS XR moving head laser
  5. Kvant ATOM 20 ( The new high power version popular pure diode laser system has been designed for large outdoor laser displays. This robust system is built for touring and frequent moving of its position in venues. Type : Full Colour, pure diode , white-light laser system. Guaranteed optical output: 19.5w ( Red: 6w/637nm laser module KVANT , Green : 3.8w/520nm laser module KVANT, Blue: 10w/ (445+460)nm laser module KVANT . Control signal I/O : Ethernet, ArtNet, ILDA, SD. Safety: Fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1 and FDA regulations.  Modulation : 0-5V analog, up to 50khz. Power : 100-230V/50Hz , 500VA/230V. Special features: Main digitally adjustable control parameters : power output of each colour, colour fade, size, position, Z-axis tilt, animation speech, brightness map, XY axis invert and TEST frames. Scanning system: Real speed of 30k points per second at 8 degree maximum scanning angle 80 degree on both axis.
  6. Pangolin laser system, LD2000 intro , laser designer 2000. QM2000.NET 19″
  7. Kvant SSpectrum 30 LD Laser projector sysstem with FB4, Saturn 9
  8. Goldenstar LB6-212 2w RGB laser bar,  Laser Power : RGB2w x6 set, with 6x scanner full color animation laser DMX512 laser show system.