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TRIPLE JAM 萧敬腾世界巡回演唱


September 12th, 2015


Showtecgroup Showtec Singapore provided turn key production services for Jam Hsiao concert in Singapore. Showtec provided a group of local productions crew and engineers working together with Jam Hsiao Production team, delivered props , motorised stage, audio, lighting, video, laser system, HD Video camera, pyrotechnics and special effect.

2009 洛克先生 强势秒杀完售登场
2012年 有一种精神叫萧敬腾 魅力席卷全世界
2014年 TRIPLE JAM 萧敬腾世界巡回演唱会

萧敬腾 第三次 世界巡演
三倍音乐能量 燃烧你三倍的音乐激情


Jam Hsiao, Taiwan Mandopop Singer, first appeared on the first season of Taiwanese star search show, One Million Star as a challenger and rose to fame with his wide vocal ranges and unique singing style. His diverse music genres and astounding charisma impressed and captured the hearts of many. In 2013, Jam was crowned the Best Mandarin Male singer at the Golden Melody Awards, one of most influential mandarin music award. The Golden Melody King has released a total of seven popular individual albums to date.

Triple Jam is Jam Hsiao’s 3rd World Tour with many special arrangements on stage design, costume, special effects and music. This concert is going to bring you to the world of 4D visual effects, employing advance technology to allow fans to experience the ultimate visual, auditory and olfactory sensation.





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